British Library


The project at the British Library was to supply a new natural gas main supply to serve the existing boiler plant in Building 12 on the campus.

Two oil fired boilers were removed and changed to gas fired boilers and additional works were required to modify the existing gas main serving building 31’s boiler plant.

The new gas main was run from a new gas meter location on the site boundary, the new gas supply and meter have been designed for an elevated outlet pressure of 70 mBar. The new burners (building 12) require a minimum pressure of 60mBar at their inlet.

The new gas supply has been designed to supply sufficient gas to serve two of the three existing boilers. The remaining boiler is to be kept on oil firing as a fail safe provision. Part of the works was to maintain the required pressure for the existing gas fired boiler plant in building 31.

The works included civils [trenches], mechanical [pipe work] and electrical elements [BMS and power]

The main works consisted of running a 250mm MDPE pipe from the gas meter to the roadway at building 31 and reduce down to a 180mm MDPE pipe and from that position to the boiler house [building 12] from there it entered the building and connected a 250mm metal pipe.

There were alterations/modifications to the BMS system and additional power supplies for the new burners and gas solenoid valve.