Credit Suisse


The project involved the replacement of existing air and water cooled chillers in three Credit Suisse buildings in Canary Wharf; One Cabot Square, 17 Columbus Courtyard and 20 Columbus Courtyard including valves, pumps and controls.

The Scope of Works generally involved the following:

One Cabot Square: Replacing 2 Water Cooled Chillers including Valves. Replacing the 3 chiller condenser water and 3 chilled water pumps with inverter pumps, 12 valves and associated pipe work and fittings.

20 Columbus Courtyard: Replacing 3 Air Cooled Chillers Replacing the chilled water inverter pumps with new inverter pumps.

17 Columbus Courtyard: Replacing 1 Air Cooled Chiller. BMS works to the new and existing chillers for full monitoring and control from the BMS, new inverter pumps and revised control strategy. The works involved linking the new and existing chillers onto the BMS system via BACnet connections for full control and monitoring, thereby making the existing Carrier CCN/I-view system redundant. Electrical works to the power supply to the new chillers and new pumps. Associated builders work/redecorations and structural works for the chiller and pump works.