Axiom News

Welcome to Axiom News. Take a look below at some of the projects we have have been working on lately. Feel free to contact us for more details on any of our projects.

R22 Roll Out Glasgow

The scope of works was the replacement of the existing R22 systems on site with new modern refrigerant replacement including associated pipework and coils including fire stopping and leave the site with working systems.

R22 Gas Overview: Due to the environmental impact of R22 gas which is a Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbon ( HCFC ) as from midnight December 31st 2014 refrigeration circuits using R22 became un-serviceable items around the gas works. To carry out this work required the safe isolation and de-commissioning of the existing R22 units (refrigerant to be decanted, quantity to be recorded and refrigerant removed from site for incineration). All refrigerant gasses to be recovered and handled in line with the current legislation (The reclaim and correct disposal of refrigerant is included, in compliance with the Montreal Protocol and the Environmental Protection Act 1990). Waste transfer notes were to be provided for all removed R22 gas and gas records updated.

AHU Works: For the AHU works, these supplied the 3 No theatres and as such extra care was taken to ensure no cross contamination during the works, this was done using the Health authorities HAI-SCRIBE SYSTEM. The old R22 coils were replaced on all units.

A/C Split SystemsThis involved working in the ward areas and other areas of the hospital [i.e. x-ray, ward kitchen, MRI area] and again HAI-SCRIBE was used to prevent cross contamination and spread of dust etc. Removal of both indoor and outdoor units, all associated pipework and controls.

Atrium Re-Roofing Works, EE Building

Works were recently completed to the flat roof of an atrium connecting two large office buildings. The project was undertaken utilising the Sarnafil flat roof system to cover an approximate area of 90m x 3m flat roof with upstand on both sides, guttering and 10no. air vents. The project also consisted of the installation of a non-slip walkway. 

A high attention to detail was required to ensure water-tightness particularly around the air vents and guttering.

The project was set-up, mobilised and completed within the project timescale of five weeks, despite several days of inclement weather.

In terms of health and safety, roofing operatives were closely supervised to ensure harnesses and lanyards were worn at all times and clipped on to the Man Safe system in situ on the roof. There were no reportable incidents or accidents during the project.

Project Scope

Our task was to undertake flushing of all plant and risers across all 17 floors of fully occupied office space, all works to be undertaken during weekends to avoid disruption to clients undertakings.

To undertake mechanical enabling works to all plant to allow for flushing works to commence this includes the installation of multiple flushing by pass’s, line size tee in’s, additional valves etc. To replace approx. 546 fan coil unit hose sets that have become badly contaminated due to no flushing regime in place.

To change approx. 50 crane dominator sets around that have been incorrectly installed across one floor To provide temporary air conditioning for 7th and 1st floors. To install 14 new 3 phase electrical supplies, 1 on each floor this is for the 3 phase pumping rig to be brought onto site. To replace approx. 96 faulty valves following BMS survey.

Santander Group

We joined the Santander Bank “CUB project” in Triton Square, London on 26-Nov as Clerk of Works for CBRE to oversee the on-going upgrade of their data centre. The project is divided into 4 phases from October 2015 through the whole of 2016, with M&E work involving the upgrade of the related cooling system, fire and gas suppression and UPS systems.

After just over two weeks into the project we are already creating an impact in terms of transparency in reporting both on health and safety and on work progress on site.

We have also been working with the contractor to produce more comprehensive and task-specific Risk Assessment Method Statements which provide benefit to them in terms of more thorough risk assessment and to CBRE and Santander in terms of transparency and assurance that the work will be meeting technical and health and safety expectations.

N+1 100Kva UPS Replacement Works

To undertake the complete replacement of an N+1 Emerson 100Kva UPS system, the works involve the removal of the existing ups system, AC and fire suppression systems within the ups room located at one of the UK’s largest insurance companies.

Prior to removal of the existing ups system we will be installing a temporary generator to supply a temporary ups to supply the I.T during the works.

We will strip out the room to include ac, fire suppression this will allow for all new UPS, fire suppression, AC, leak detection, VESDA fire detection systems to be installed, we will then undertake fabric works by sealing and painting the room ready for handover to client, all of these works will be completed over two weeks to avoid major disruption to the client.